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Ukraine v. Russian Federation


The International court of justice has delivered today its ruling or order, in the case of Ukraine v. Russia. The Ukraine requested provisional measures to stop the Russian invasion. Provisional measures, means:

Not on merits. Preliminary order. Before final decision on the case. All this, in order to preserve the rights of Ukraine, and prevent further irreparable damage caused by this invasion. 

Ukraine claims, that the Russians invaded Ukraine under false pretext, that Ukraine is committing genocide in those provinces in east Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk). As such, the court has jurisdiction, because of the relevancy of the convention for prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide. 

The Russians, reject the jurisdiction of the court (despite the fact, that Russia is a party to that convention). We shall quote:

And why the Russians reject such jurisdiction, I quote:

And further:

So, in sum, they claim, that the genocide convention, doesn’t deal with use of force. Irrelevant! Also, president Putin, had not invoked, any relevancy to the genocide convention, while justifying the military operation.

Finally, the court granted (partly) the provisional measures requested by Ukraine, and ordered Russia to stop or suspend the military operation. We shall quote:

Let’s hope that the talks between both sides, shall be fruitful finally, and that, such horrors shall be ceased.

Hell of “wonder woman”

Photo by Thirdman from Pexel

So, what do we have here for Christ sake:

A woman, US citizen, 42, a former citizen of Kansas. In 2019, a complaint filed against her, in US district court (Eastern district of Virginia). Now, that woman, was according to charges alleged therein, actively plotting and supporting terror attacks against the US, including on US soil, all while training women and children within the ranks of ISIS (Islamic state at the time in Syria and Iraq).

Now, you may think that it is unusual. It is not. By all means not. First, one should know, that DOJ charges frequently, many Americans for supporting ISIS or other Islamic terror groups. You think she is a woman then. Well, there are many women taking parts in such terror groups, especially ISIS. This woman though, was the commander of a battalion, designated solely for training women (fighters).

I quote from the complaint, all based or alleged by one informant given the code name CW-3:

We don’t realize, how ISIS is yet still active in many parts of the world. Some think, that after destroying the state they formed in Iraq and Syria, it’s all over. It is not. They are active and very aggressive, in: Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq.

One may read for example in “The Meir Amit intelligence and Terrorism Information Center” frequent reports, and here one linked and titled as:

Spotlight on Global Jihad (January 20-26, 2021)

And understand how active and aggressive they are.

Now, get this, they are still extremely dangerous. They have huge motivation. Even for using unconventional weapon. I quote from the complaint:

It ain’t over, until it’s over.

Trump and the riots

Just short one, concerning that important battle, between Trump and the House committee.

Just reminder:

The house committee is seeking documents, related to the Capitol riots. Trump claims executive privilege, and that it is sought, not for legislative purpose (denying then, the immunity of speech and debate granted by the constitution to Congress members).

The district court, denied his motion for enjoining the Archivist from releasing it. But now, surprisingly (or not really so) the circuit has issued an injunction, preventing the Archivist from releasing it.

It is only temporary judgment, not on merits:

ORDERED that an administrative injunction be entered and appellees the National Archives and Records Administration and the Archivist be enjoined from releasing the records requested by the House Select Committee over which appellant asserts executive privilege, pending further order of this court. The purpose of this administrative injunction is to protect the court’s jurisdiction to address appellant’s claims of executive privilege and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits.

So, we shall analyze it further down the road, more intensively.

Meanwhile, one may read in Sidebar lengthy and comprehensive analysis of the issue.

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